GTA 5 Online: Lowrider Update Is Now Live!

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Need a reason to revisit Los Santos? How about hanging out with Lamar, completing new missions and owning your very own customised lowrider?

There’s been no shortage of content on GTA Online and Rockstar have released another free batch of content as the latest GTA 5 Online “Lowriders” update is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


So where do you find the new lowrider options?

Benny’s Original Motor Works, a new customs shop in downtown Strawberry, can be found online via your iFruit phone in-game.  You can now get more detailed customization with half a dozen new lowrider options. Add the soft velour interior, change your steering wheel, or even add a bobblehead.

The full list of mods available for your lowrider includes: 

·         Hydraulics

·         Engines

·         Steering Wheels

·         Rims


·         Tires

·         Gear Shift Levers

·         Horns

·         Bobbleheads

·         Rear window Plaques

·         Vanity Plates & Plate Holders

·         Sound System Mods


·         Custom Paint Jobs

 What rides can be purchased to get the full lowrider treatment?

·         Vapid Chino: $225,000

·         Albany Primo: $9,000

·         Declasse Moonbeam: $32,500

·         Willard Faction: $36,000

·         Albany Buccaneer: $29,000


·         Declasse Voodoo: $5,500

In addition to this, Rockstar have also implemented more ways for users to interact with their cars. The Player Interaction Menu now presents you with the option to open your vehicles doors, hood and trunk, as well as switching on your engine, neons and stereo from both inside or outside the vehicle. GTA car clubs and shows might actually become a reality now.

Lamar’s new missions also adds new weapon options to get the job done. You can now stock up on a fully automatic Machine Pistol or Machete from Ammu-Nation. In addition to weapons, new clothes, hair, and tattoo options are also available.

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