Gotham Knights: Devs Clarify Details About Game-As-A-Service And More

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The Gotham Knights devs decided to go a bit more in-depth about some of the details of the game.

Many fans were worried about certain potential characteristics of the game.


Find out more below.

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Developers Clarify Details About Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights were recently officially revealed although, some fans were unsure on some details of the game.


The developers of the game, WB Games Montreal has stated Gotham Knights will not take place in the Arkhamverse, and now.

Many prospective players have been worried that Gotham Knights will be a game-as-a-service.

Well, senior producer Fleur Marty decided to comment on these speculations:

“This is very much not designed as a game-as-service,” he explained. “There is an ability tree, which is different for each of the characters, and then there’s gear that you craft – and so choices that you’re going to be making – but that does not mean that this is a game-as-service.”


He then went on to say that GK will also have a solo mode which can be played offline.

“We think that teaming up and living that dynamic duo fantasy can be also a really great experience for players, but we won’t force it on them,”

“You could go back to the Belfry and say, ‘Oh, I’ve just unlocked the next major piece of the mystery. And I need to go deal with this thing.’ And you can decide that this is the perfect opportunity for me to swap out and play somebody else, so we allow you to dip in and out of those characters,” said creative director Patrick Redding.

“But we know most players will typically gravitate towards that one hero that really reflects their style.”


When it comes to co-op, the devs confirmed that players will be able to play as the same characters.

“Because the characters are so distinct from each other, there’s a bit of asymmetry, a bit of the complimentary skill set and ability set that actually makes teaming up kind of awesome if you happen to have different characters,” said Patrick.

“Now, if you happen to have two Batgirls, you can also do that. Obviously, the potential of having different Batgirl builds, and how they look different and play differently is really cool, too.”