Ghostwire: Tokyo Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

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Ghostwire: Tokyo looks like one of the more unique games coming in the new generation. After being pushed back from 2021 into 2022, it seems like the supernatural-horror hybrid is slowly ramping up anticipation.

Revealed during PlayStation Showcase last night, the newest trailer gives an alternate look at gameplay.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

Developed by Tango Software for Bethesda, the footage below gives fans a glimpse at the game's variety of enemies and the hero's Scarlett Witch-Esque spells action.


A new PlayStation Blog post reveals further details about Tokyo's story in which, players will awake in a desolate Tokyo and need to fend off otherworldly apparitions.

Combat elements have also been highlighted, including the need for players to learn the spiritual art of Ethereal Weaving to fend off foes:

You’ll need to master Ethereal Weaving – a powerful art that attunes the elements with spiritual energy – alongside other equipment and ghost-hunting skills to face such a threat. Wielding the power of wind, water, and fire, you’ll combine abilities to tackle a variety of supernatural foes, including:
  • Agile spirits in the form of headless high school students attack in groups, using speed and acrobatics to catch you off-guard
  • Dolls based off traditional teru teru bozu weather charms that fly through the air, as if hoisted on invisible strings, and shoot fire from a distance
  • Faceless ghosts that roam rainy environments in funeral attire that can deflect attacks with their umbrella as they approach to strike at close-range

PlayStation's impressive Showcase also revealed the highly-anticipated Spider-Man 2 and presented the first God of War: Ragnorak footage. Alongside a Knights of the Old Republic remake, one of the biggest surprises was the unveiling of a new Wolverine game, which is being developed by Insomniac Games.