Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review: The Good Side of The Beta

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The Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta went live last weekend and many fans jumped on to experience the new Tom Clancy video game to mixed reviews. One of Ubisoft’s longest-running series is getting a new installment and the 4th October release date is quickly approaching. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be hitting the shelves worldwide in under a month and many will have an opinion on whether they wish to purchase it after the closed beta.

The beta has been receiving good publicity so far, from its beautiful scenery to its immersive world, there are a lot of additions to love about Breakpoint. We've covered what the beta can improve upon in our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review, but what have hardcore fans been praising the most? These are the best things in Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s beta.


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Skin Override

One of the newest features present in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the vast amount of player customisation available in the game. Players seemingly have unlimited options when it comes to different types of gear, vests, knives, anything you can think of is in the game. Along with these customisation options, is the newly added “gear rating”, shown on your customization screen. This gear rating is essentially your defensive rating against enemies gunfire.


One of the best features Ubisoft has introduced is the option to override your skin cosmetics and put on an outfit that looks better. With this feature, you can have your high rated gear, but at the same time look how you want.

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Skill Tree

The previous Ghost Recon title, Wildlands had a generic skill tree that was often clumsy to navigate without much organization or meaningful skills to unlock. Now, Ubisoft has reinvented their skill tree design to offer a wider range of perks for players to branch off and specialize in.


There is an abundance of more skills to unlock and this time around it seems they all offer their own purpose which is a great improvement to Wildlands. Another key difference from Wildlands is now skills can be unlocked with just skill points, whereas before we had to gather different resources throughout the map by the means of side missions which was a concept that many players did not enjoy.

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The World

The open-world in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is simply amazing, it is so dynamic in the way the textures move and the scenery has just been a treat to play on max settings on PC. From when the player is first dropped into the world we are taken away by the amount of detail Ubisoft has put into Breakpoint’s world. 


Another feature about the open-world that has impressed fans is the size of the world. From glancing at the map in-game it appears the map is much larger than Wildlands map, along with the multiple biomes throughout the game, we may never get tired of Breakpoint’s map.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91