Ghost of Tsushima Standoff Guide: How To Get A One-Hit Kill

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Ghost of Tsushima, Sony's last big first-party exclusive before the PlayStation 5 arrives later this year, is finally here.

While sneaking into an encampment and eliminating the opposition before they know that you're there is fun, there's something very special about the game's Standoff mechanic.


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Ghost of Tsushima: Standoff Guide

Standoffs can be triggered when approaching an enemy encounter, or when infiltration goes awry. After pressing "Up" on the D-Pad, Jin will approach an enemy and prepare for combat.

Players need to hold down Triangle to ready their sword and release it as soon as the enemy attempts to strike. Timing it correctly will cut the opponent down in a single, gory strike.


That's not all, though. Once Jin has levelled up his abilities, he's able to chain Standoff strikes together. That can lead to him cutting through up to five enemies at once in a flurry of steel and sinew.