Ghost of Tsushima Charms Guide: How To Get Them And What They Do

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Ghost of Tsushima, Sony's last big first-party exclusive before the PlayStation 5 arrives later this year, is finally here.

Jin is able to find charms along the course of his journey, with each one offering buffs and potentially altering your playstyle. Here's how to get them and what they do.


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Ghost of Tsushima: Charms Guide

Charms are items that can be unlocked by honouring shrines and equipped within the "Gear" menu.

They come in four versions: Defense, Stealth, Utility or Offense.


As an example, the defensive charm "Charm of Okuninushi" helps Jin recover health while out of combat, while the utility charm "Charm of Unseen Respite" boosts Jin's health when using smoke bombs.

Experimenting with charms is key to taking on some of the game's tougher encounters.