Fortnite Tenet Easter Egg Hints At A Potential Crossover

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Game developers are not afraid to use easter eggs to tease upcoming events for their games.

Epic Games are no different and are aware of how much excitement an easter egg can generate.

A Tenet easter egg has been found in Fortnite and has left fans speculating about what it could mean.

Let's check out the easter egg and evaluate what it could mean.


Tenet Easter Egg

The Tenet easter egg is located in the secret basement of Steamy Stacks Unit 4.

The easter egg is a bright orange suitcase with a distinctive black object on top of it.

Some players when knocking into the basement have reported hearing a faint snippet of the Tenet trailer music.

However, others have claimed to have heard nothing.

The only way to find out for sure is to head down there yourself!

Check out a picture of the easter egg below:

Unfortunately, the object is the only information we have so far.


The easter egg has left fans speculating over whether there may be a crossover between Fortnite and Tenet.

The hint was added into Fortnite two weeks before the film's August 26th premiere.

If any crossover event is happening, I'm sure it won't be very long until we find out more details.

Either way, easter eggs are a great way to get people speculating and excited about a future event.

Let's hope Epic continues to add clues or reveals the details of the event in the next upcoming weeks.