Fortnite fans are reacting to rumours that the game could be in line for a Doctor Who collaboration

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A promo screenshot for Fortnite.
Credit: Epic Games.

As you may be aware, Fortnite already has a pretty diverse roster of skins, with anime heroes and terrifying-looking goats regularly lining up next to recreations of streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect and even celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and John Cena.

The result of this can be a rather surreal visual experience, which is undeniably unique, if not a little confusing.

However, rumours continue to circulate suggesting ways in which the game’s cast could become even more varied, with a supposed Doctor Who collaboration being the current hot topic among some fans on Reddit.

Which Doctor would you most like to play?

Their discussions were spurred by a couple of tweets from Fortnite leakers @FNBRintel and @ShiinaBR, both of whom have claimed that a collaboration between Fortnite and the long-running sci-fi show is in development.

According to the former, items based on the collaboration “probably won't be released for a few months”, seemingly placing its arrival in early 2023.

Despite this, some gamers on the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours have seemingly already picked out which skins they’d like to see come out of it, with one user saying: “Give me (the) 6th doctor with a pump shotgun god, please, I beg you.” and Dreamerfrostbite adding: “I don't usually play Fortnite but I'm a huge Doctor Who fan and would love a playable war Doctor skin!”

On the other hand, user feelthebernerd had a different doc at the top of their wishlist, musing: “I'd buy a Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor skin in a heartbeat.”, while strunggle simply seemed psyched about the meme-worthy gameplay footage the potential collaboration might generate, declaring: “I can't wait to see clips of (times) when the Xenomorph kamehamehahas an RPG wielding tenth Doctor.”

Meanwhile, a couple of users were a little less enthusiastic about the prospect of everyone’s favourite time lord taking a Tardis ride to Loot Lake, with RaspberryBang asking: “Does your average Fortnite player even know what Dr. Who is?”

Regardless of whether you’ve heard of both Fortnite and Doctor Who, make sure to follow us for more updates on both Fortnite and some of the big streaming personalities that play it.

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