Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Exploit Gives Teams Unlimited Use Of Hero Abilities

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Fortnite's superhero-themed Season 4 update introduced a number of exciting features into the game

One of which was Mythic hero abilities.


There's no denying these abilities are fun to use and have some great animations.

However, certain players are exploiting these abilities in competitive modes.

Mythic Ability Exploit

The hero abilities released with Season 4 are being exploited in competitive modes.


Players have realised that the cooldown on the hero abilities is bound to the player.

This means if you're in a group, you can use the ability and drop it for your teammate who can instantly use the ability again.

Doctor Doom's abilities are being abused most by players.


Courtesy of Epic Games

This exploit has led players to question why hero abilities are allowed in competitive playlists?

Exploits like this can ruin the integrity and value of competitive modes.

More abilities are scheduled to be added to the game very soon


Players can only wonder what issues they may bring to a competitive setting.

It's clear the abilities have been balanced for the casual gaming experience.

We can only hope Epic will address the mythic hero abilities and remove them from competitive modes.

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