Former People Can Fly developers form Gruby Entertainment to make a new FPS

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Gruby Entertainment was created by a small group of Bulletstorm and Gears of War Judgment developers who left People Can Fly. Gruby Entertainment has also chosen to handle the publishing of their new game.

GamesIndustry reports that a brand new first-person shooter franchise is in development, which isn't surprising for developers with such an intense action game heritage. The game is set to be published by, known for its previous releases such as Raji: An Ancient Epic, Retro Machina, and Alchemist Adventure. This appears to be the biggest studio to partner with


What will do for the former People Can Fly developers?

Gruby Entertainment will also receive mentoring and consultation from in addition to its publishing work. This is good because has a lot of experience with indie games. The website publishes work very selectively, but anyone can submit their work for consideration.

Typically, offers full publishing support or investments to prospective developers, just like ex-People Can Fly developers. This is a publisher that is more down-to-earth and easier to reach than most publishers.

Why did Gruby Entertainment developers leave People Can Fly?

Former People Can Fly developers Grzegorz Michalak, Karol Szyska, and Kamil Misiowiec founded Poland-based Gruby Entertainment in 2020. It is unclear what led to their departure, but according to the report, Gruby Entertainment employs developers with experience in a range of games, both independent and AAA. Misiowiec said

"We are thrilled to expand our team and knowledge base, and show the world a fresh approach to action games… (We want to) create solid, high-calorie gameplay for hardcore players, granting them action-packed hours of entertainment accompanied by crucial and meaningful decisions."

Due to the studio only officially forming last year, we are unlikely to see anything from the fledgling team for a while, but if you're interested in first-person shooters, keep an eye on this team.