Fireteam Discovers Secret Room In The King’s Fall Raid

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Discovering a secret room or location in Destiny is actually quite common, but to find one in a raid, that isn’t a glitch, isn’t.

Last week one fireteam went into the “King’s Fall” raid and stumbled upon a room no one had ever seen before.


After finding the room one member posted a comment into a Facebook group telling fellow group members about his fireteam’s discovery but wouldn’t explain how they found it. (Later it turned out that the group accidently found the room meaning they themselves had no idea how they managed to access it.) Hearing the news, Destiny youtuber and streamer “Datto” managed to join the fireteam and confirmed that the room was real and that it wasn’t just a glitch. 

So how do we get to the room?

The fireteam discovered that in order to access the room, they first had to hit multiple switches in a certain order. Once the sequence has been done correctly, a secret door would open. 

What order do we hit the switches? 

As far as we can see there are two possible combinations that work. Why there are two we don’t know but one seems to work on Xbox and one works on Playstation. The codes are as follows… 

XBOX = 416523



Where are the switches? 

The switches can be found on the jumping puzzle after the Gorgoroth fight. When you arrive at the jumping puzzle you will see switches on the wall that look like this. (Taken from Datto's stream).

You must then activate the switches in the order explained above. Here is another picture to help made by "darksplaze".

What’s inside the room? 

Well, not much to be honest which is strange. Inside are a statue, a relic, vents and some runes. According to Kotaku “Players have figured out that dunking the relic into the statue will light up a rune, and that lighting up all six runes will grant the party a buff called Overcharged, but nobody knows what to do after that.” 

Here’s a great video put together by Planet Destiny that explains pretty much everything discovered so far…  


So why is there a secret room if it’s not useful in anyway? 

Taken King Director, Luke Smith, jumped on twitter and said: 

Oryx's Basketball Court is a fun Easter Egg the team put together. It's just a place to Dunk like your neighbors 8 ft rim. No loot to find
— Luke Smith (@thislukesmith)
October 5, 2015

… But do we believe that? Surely this can’t be a room that the team put together for no reason? Hmmmmm.

What’s next? 


What’s next is up to you Guardians. It’s up to you to find out the meaning of this room. Get your friends together, jump into the raid and let’s crack this mystery! 

If you have any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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