FIFA 21: UCL Cards Make Their Return Unchanged From FIFA 20

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One of the reasons FUT is such a fun mode is the different cards and their rarities.

From 'Team of the Year' to 'Man of the Match' cards, it's an exciting aspect of the mode.


However, certain item types are favoured more than others by the FIFA community.

The UCL cards are a type of item that doesn't exactly have the best reputation.

UCL Cards Return To FIFA 21

UCL cards will be making their return in FIFA 21.


The item type will remain the same from FIFA 20.

This has left a lot of fans very disappointed and frustrated about UCL cards returning in FIFA 21.

Check out @FUTDonk's tweet below:

UCL cards return in #FIFA21 ✅Exactly how they was in FIFA 20... 😬
— Donk - FUT Trader 🅙 (@FUTDonk)
September 15, 2020

The majority of the disappointment from players is rooted in the UCL Cards lack of extra stats.


Currently, they do not offer any extra stats compared to each players base card.

This has led a lot of FIFA fans to label them as pointless.

In FIFA 19, UCL cards offered +1 to their standard gold card rating.

However, EA opted to remove this in FIFA 20.


Despite community feedback, UCL Cards will be returning in FIFA 21.

We'll have to see if EA has any plans to upgrade the cards in the future.

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