Fallout Tips To Prepare Your Survival

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Fallout’s much anticipated release is finally here!

Fallout 4 has finally arrived and we are here to provide you with some helpful tips before you traverse the massive and often unforgiving wasteland.


Are you new to the wasteland? Or need refresher tips before you exit the vault? We’ve got you covered!

So, let’s begin!  

  • Choose your stats and perks wisely. Character build is pretty important in Fallout.
  • My personal tip; level your Speech, Combat, and Lock pick and/or Science. High Speech will help you smooth talk your way out of some bad situations, high Combat will obviously help keep you alive, Lockpick and Science will help you reach some great loot and get through important doors.
  • Use V.A.T.S, which is a combat targeting system unique to the Fallout franchise and very handy when you first emerge from your vault dwelling. You don't have to use the system, but it's recommended to help make all your shots counts.
  • Scavenge everything. Even tins cans have value in the beginning. I scavenge everything I see on the way to my first settlement, up until I am about to become encumbered. Why? So I can unload all that junk onto some poor merchant with the hopes of getting a few needed supplies out of the trade.
  • Explore everywhere. Every abandoned shack and every creepy tunnel or cave. Some of the best loot offerings in the Fallout series come from unexpected places.
  • Don’t drink dirty water. Try Nuka Cola instead!
  • Karma is real, so make wise decisions. Even if you plan on being an evil character, you should probably wait until you are prepared with armor and firepower before you rob and steal from someone in town. They will all turn on you. Fast.
  • Ammo can be so scarce, so don’t waste lead on small enemies like Radroaches. That’s what baseball bats are for. 
  • See a frightening creature called a Deathclaw? Run! You need heavy weapons and decent armor before you tackle those baddies.
  • If you see a cute Vault-Tech bobblehead, pick him up! Why? Because he is cute and boosts your stats.
  • Save often and keep several save points. Missions can be extremely long with several steps, so you want the option to go back and change your choices if you run into problems.

Fallout 4 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 10th.

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