Fallout New Vegas mod turns Red Rock Canyon into a truly breath-taking location

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Red Rock Canyon in Fallout New Vegas.
Credit: Diegonom on Nexus Mods.

While Fallout 4 is constantly receiving new mods that bring fresh weapons, quests and even enemies to The Commonwealth, sometimes you can’t beat delving back into Fallout New Vegas.

After all, with revised faction missions to head out on, alien invasions to fight off and vampiric powers to master, the Mojave has plenty to keep you entertained while you wait for Starfield or Fallout London to finally arrive.

If you’re someone who loves the tough tribal aesthetic and interesting history of the Great Khans, or often find yourself trying to convince them to join your side in the battle over Hoover Dam, a new mod might be worth taking a look at.

Feel like Fallout New Vegas’s Red Rock Canyon doesn't quite match the natural beauty of locations like Zion National Park?

The mod in question is called ‘Red On The Rocks’ and is the work of modder Diegonom. Some of their previous projects have brought various new faction-themed abodes to the Mojave and even given you the chance to throw a party at Benny’s house after killing him.

This time, they’ve decided to try and make the craggy valley to the west of New Vegas, which Papa Khan’s gang now call home following their flight from Bitter Springs, look a bit more breathtaking.

“(It’s) such a unique location, with towering red cliffs surrounding you (and) making you feel like you're in another world.”, declares Diegonom in the mod’s description, adding: “(That is,) until you see how god awful the LODs at base camp are and (the fact) it's mostly red dirt with some boulders sticking out here and there.”

So, partially in preparation for an upcoming player home mod they’ve got in the works for the area, they’ve made an array of changes to the canyon, which include filling in gaps in the rocky cliff faces so it’ll dramatically loom over you as you arrive, adding some extra decorations and switching up the LODs that control how the terrain loads in.

The mod also makes a lot of the precipices of the Great Khan gorge much more easily climbable, giving you a chance to enjoy some cool vistas and possibly uncover a few hidden supply caches.


However, before you can do this, Diegonom recommends that you make sure you’ve generated new LODs for the area by following this guide, so there won’t be any sudden texture pop-in.

They’ve also created a Bare Bones Version of the mod with only limited changes, aimed at those using limited hardware, so make sure you go for that version if you’re worried about tanking your performance.

Regardless of whether you’re now getting strange looks from the Khans as you shuffle around their home like a clueless tourist, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Skyrim and Cyberpunk 2077. You can also check out our mods of the month for March 2023.

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