Fallout New Vegas Modder Turns Caesar's Legion Tiny

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A promo screenshot for Fallout New Vegas.
Credit: Image via Mobygames

Looking to delve back into another Obsidian Entertainment RPG before the release of Pentiment later this year?

Well, if the bright lights of Fallout New Vegas are calling to you once more and you’re looking for ways to spice the game up, but don’t fancy running from ‘The Crash Man’ or playing as Yakuza protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, you’re in luck.


You see, with the help of a new mod, one of the game’s factions has undergone a bit of a transformation and might need your help to reach high shelves.

Little Legate Lanius Is Preparing His Tiny Dagger-Sized Sword

The mod that brings about a monumental shift in the size of the conflict gripping New Vegas is called ‘Half Pint Legion’ and is the work of modder WastelandChrusher, whose previous work includes adding a new LMG to the game and making the fearsome Legate Lanius even more formidable.

Much like that last mod, odds are you’ll definitely notice the effects of this new one if you go to fight Lanius at the conclusion of the game, that is, if you’ve somehow managed to overlook the major difference present in every Caesar's Legion camp across the map.


Doing that might be easier than you may think, as the mod makes every character affiliated with the Legion approximately half the size that they were in the vanilla game, with everyone from named top brass to anonymous troops in the field and even undercover agents in places like The Strip having their height significantly nerfed.

Why does it do this, you might ask.

Well, the impetus behind the shortening of the Legion is a meme on Reddit, which casts its soldiers as being shorter than their NCR opponents.


This meme was so funny that it persuaded WastelandChrusher, who goes by the Reddit username N3G4T1V_2, to declare that they’d shrink the group down to child size.

Sadly, despite going to all of this effort for a laugh, they weren’t willing to acquiesce to another user’s request to “turn all NCR soldiers into mommies” in order to fully recreate the premise of the meme.

So, jump back into New Vegas, avoid stepping on any legionaries, and make sure to follow us for coverage of the wacky worlds of Skyrim and Elden Ring modding.