Fallout 4 mod brings new Mechanist-inspired dungeon with unique power armour reward to The Commonwealth

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Some enemies from the Mechanist Omega dungeon in Fallout 4.
Credit: RascalArt on Nexus Mods.

From turning Concord into a revitalised pre-war style town to giving you the chance to ride around on a Deathclaw, Fallout 4 mods can add a lot to the experience on offer in The Commonwealth.

While some focus on giving you the tools to add your own personal twists to the activities and visuals of your post-apocalyptic playthroughs, others provide the means for creatively talented vault dwellers to construct fresh adventures for their fellow Fallout fans to enjoy.

If your Sole Survivor is in the mood for a dungeon delve that’ll reward them with some killer new power armour provided they can fight their way through a horde of killer robots, a new mod might be worth adding to your load order.

Feel like fighting your way through a unique dungeon filled with killer robots next time you fire up Fallout 4?

The mod in question is called ‘Mechanist Omega - An Antagonist Quest Mod’ and is the latest work of modder RascalArt. Some of their previous projects have added some interesting new adversaries to the wasteland, including some irradiated creatures and mechanised faction troops.

This time, they’ve decided to turn their hand to level design, releasing the first in a series of planned dungeon mods dubbed ‘The Antagonist quests’, all of which will add fresh locations to the game packed with “new enemies, weapons and armour,” and capped of by a battle with a unique boss that’ll drop some cool loot.

Kicking off the action is ‘Mechanist Omega’, which challenges you with fighting your way through a secret Institute facility, accessed via a hatch behind the Robotics Disposal Ground to the west of Sanctuary.

Inside you’ll find an array of unique-looking robotic enemies to take down, along with plenty of terminal entries explaining the lore behind the hidden bunker and, finally, a power armour-wearing boss that’ll prove a pretty tough challenge, especially if your character is yet to hit level five.


There seem to be a couple of minor issues you might encounter with the highly-moddable power armour set you'll earn by coming out on top in this encounter, but RascalArt has included some potential fixes for these in the mod’s description, in addition to emphasising that you’ll need to own the Automatron and Nuka World DLCs to get the mod working.

Regardless of whether you’re now lobbing a pulse grenade into a tight corridor filled with angry automatons, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods for Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas. You can also check out our mods of the month for April 2023.

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