Fall Guys: Developers Confirm Expansion Of Anti-Cheat Detection

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Fall Guys has taken the gaming world by storm since it's release in August.

The game is without a doubt one of the most fun-filled gameplay experiences out at the moment.


However, the title is experiencing some serious problems with cheaters and hackers.

Upgrade To Cheat Detection System

The fun of Fall Guys is built on the possibility of being the last player standing.

The competitive aspect of the game is one of the reasons we all play for hours on end.


Cheaters and hackers sabotage this element of the game by eliminating other players chance of winning.

It's not a rare sight to see a player flying above the map or speeding to the finish line.

The game has had a problem with hackers and cheaters since it's release.

However, Mediatonic have recently stated they're upgrading their cheat detection system.


Check it out below:

We're really sorry about the cheating problem!We're expanding the current detection system this week to improve thingsWe also have a BIG update in the next couple of weeks that adds the same anti-cheat used by games such as FortniteThanks for bearing with us![Not BeanBot]
— Fall Guys | BeanBot Activated 🤖 (@FallGuysGame)
September 6, 2020

An upgrade to the cheat detection system will be a great update to the game.


There's nothing worse than getting to the final round with no chance of winning the game.

It's great to see that Mediatonic has recognised the issue and is taking steps to fix the problem.

Let's hope we see fewer players above the map after the upgrade is implemented.

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