Epic Games Store Getting Achievements, Rolling Out In Coming Months

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Epic Games Store was met with no small degree of backlash back when it launched, but now the go-to installer for Fortnite has grown into a much more formidable platform - and offers improved revenue for developers, to boot.

Finally, Epic has confirmed that a long-awaited feature, achievements, will be rolling out in the coming months.

Epic Games Store Finally Gets Achievements


As an early incarnation of the feature, these will only appear in some titles but will essentially be tracked in the background so you can follow your progress through a handy sidebar.

Check out an example in the tweet below from the Epic Games Store Twitter account, showing how it'll work in the likes of Ark: Survival Evolved.

Certain games on the Epic Games Store may begin to display achievements as you unlock them. This is an early version of the feature and you can expect to see changes & adjustments. We'll have more info to share on achievements in the future, so stay tuned! pic.twitter.com/80dnoLYegV
— Epic Games Store (@EpicGames)
July 29, 2020

It looks a fair bit like the Xbox achievements interface, and you'll use the shortcut Alt + F3 if this earliest incarnation to see what you've achieved and what you still have left to do.

The digital storefront has already gained wishlists, download throttling, and refund mechanisms since launch, as well as free games doled out regularly.

In fact, as part of the "Epic Games Vault" campaign, fans were able to snag GTA 5, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Overcooked and Civ 6 for the square root of nothing!

Meanwhile, Valve's Steam client has offered achievements since all the way back in 2007.