Elden Ring streamer is taking on the game using drawing pad

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Elden Ring gameplay on a drawing pad.

When they’re not reading humorous messages, tier-listing hats or dressing their child up as Radahn, Elden Ring players tend to take the game pretty seriously.

For the most hardened connoisseurs of frustration, grinding through terrifyingly difficult boss battles has become mundane by this point, leading many to seek out unorthodox methods of dialling up the adversity and making things interesting again.


One streamer who’s currently taking this idea to new levels, having previously tackled Elden Ring using a Guitar Hero controller and a dance pad is Luality, whose latest run through the game has seen her tackle some of its toughest challenges using an artistic drawing pad.

Do you think you could beat any Elden Ring bosses using sick doodles?

This is seemingly a run idea that the streamer has been working on for a while, having posted a video to youtube in late August showing her progress on developing a control scheme on the pad that wouldn’t make playing the game completely impossible, but could still provide an adequate challenge.


The skills she’s since developed using this method were on full display during a stream yesterday, during which she took on a number of boss battles over the course of a session of around six hours.

Among those getting a taste of fineliner fury was Starscourge Radahn, who took a fair few frustrating failed attempts to suss out a strategy for, but was eventually felled in cathartic fashion by Luality, who displayed the kind of determination usually reserved for mountain climbers and eating contest winners.

Next up was the Draconic Tree Sentinel, whom Luality eventually beat after throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him and his horse, going so far as to break her own vow that her penultimate attempt would be her last one.

Unfortunately, both the Godskin Noble and Godfrey proved a little too tough to best during that particular session, but it doesn’t seem wise to bet against Luality taking them down with her drawing pad in the future.


Regardless of whether Elden Ring’s hardest bosses are still drawing your ire, make sure to follow us for coverage of some amazing Elden Ring and Skyrim mods.