Eight Women Accuse PlayStation of Systemic Sexism

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Eight women have accused PlayStation of having a work culture with systemic sexism, strengthening the case against Sony after the company initially attempted to have the case thrown out. The women claim that “pay disparity, wrongful termination, and other instances of gender-based discrimination” has been happening at Sony’s California offices.

According to Axios, Sony’s attempt to have the case thrown out by the jury has led to the eight women speaking out against the company. Prior to this, there was only one woman that claimed Sony has been enabling a system of sexism in these offices but the other eight have added more to the case against PlayStation.

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Eight Women Accuse PlayStation of Systemic Sexism

Stories that these women have shared include “a letter [one worker] shared with female employees when she left the company in January, citing repeated attempts to notify superiors about gender bias, alleged discrimination against pregnant women and resistance from a senior man in HR to act on these accounts.”

The next hearing regarding this case won’t happen until at least next month, so expect more fallout from this case when it comes. We'll be keeping track of this case as time goes on, and keep you updated on developments.

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