EA Reportedly Set To Announce Established IP Revival At EA Play Live In July

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GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb has said that EA is set to announce an "established IP" revival at EA Play Live in July 22, leading fans to speculate that a Dead Space remaster of some form is on the way.

Speaking in the latest episode of GamesBeat Decides (via VGC), Grubb at the project saying "I think you'll be happy", when commenting on how players would react to this impending announcement.

Whilst nothing has been confirmed yet, speculation from fans suggests that this revival is from EA Motive and will be some kind of new Dead Space game, or at the very least, a remaster of the games in the franchise.

When you do look at the current "dead franchises" in EA's bank, Dead Space does make the most sense as it is a beloved IP and has a lot of opportunity for new experiences in 2021, with new technology like virtual reality and the DualSense controller.

A revival of Dead Space would come just four years after EA shut down the franchise's developer Visceral Games who were working on a new Star Wars game.

We won't have long to wait until we see this franchise revival from EA, with EA Play Live taking place on July 22.

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