EA has filed a new patent for text-to-speech technology that could revolutionize the industry

As we just reported last week, EA has been busy making patents. In a new patent published by EA, the company shows it is looking to improve accessibility in games. The patent describes how it will make text-to-speech in games more accessible. The patent aims to revolutionize text-to-speech technology, which may help players enjoy text-heavy EA titles in the future.

Essentially, it aims to improve text-to-speech technology so that EA can convert subtitles or dialogue to voice lines, including emotional inflections and performances. In addition, the system would allow players to differentiate between the different characters inside a game by assigning individual voices to all of them. EA's most notable titles, like Apex Legends, might not be affected, but smaller titles without the budget for voice acting could see a considerable impact.

What exactly will EA's new patent deal with, and how will it help the industry?

The patent also discusses the possibility of players being able to customize their own system. Among the options cited in the patent is the customization of language, accent, volume, pauses, and various other aspects of the added speech. Additionally, the patent proposes that players can set the system to add additional features and add ambient sound effects behind the voices it produces. The patent is only one example of many companies working to improve accessibility, including features coming to Xbox as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

A diagram from EA highlighting their new text-to-speech patent
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This is what the patent looks like

Many new features and systems have been developed across the games industry by many companies to make games more accessible to as many players as possible. Companies such as Sony have developed new accessibility features to assist players with physical disabilities or difficulty levels. EA's patent would, however, allow gamers with difficulty reading text to enjoy classic text-based games like old RPGs better.

EA's newest patent could open the door to many older RPGs for many more players. It would be beneficial for a lot of players if the ideas in this patent came to fruition.
Patents do not guarantee the development of new systems and features, but it seems like patents like these most certainly will.

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