Hackers Steal Source Code and More in EA Data Breach

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EA suffered a security breach where hackers obtained 780GB of data, including source code for FIFA 2021 and source code for the company's proprietary engine Frostbite.

Vice's technology brand Motherboard first reported the breach after obtaining images from a forum where the hackers bragged about their actions and claimed they could exploit any EA service with the data obtained.

Motherboard reported hackers also obtained data for "proprietary EA frameworks and software development kits."


Those involved are now attempting to sell the data online, but they're taking precautions for who they advertise to.

One post Motherboard found said "Only serious and rep members all other would be ignored."

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Hackers Steal Source Code and More in EA Data Breach

EA confirmed to Motherboard that the breach took place and the posts about what was stolen were true.

However, the publisher assured Motherboard player data was safe.

"No player data was accessed, and we have no reason to believe there is any risk to player privacy," EA told Motherboard.


"Following the incident, we’ve already made security improvements and do not expect an impact on our games or our business. We are actively working with law enforcement officials and other experts as part of this ongoing criminal investigation."

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[Source: Vice]