EA Confirms Best Year Ever For Revenue Amid Ongoing Pandemic

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Electronic Arts reported its earnings for the latest fiscal year yesterday and confirmed that it set new records for both revenue and net bookings.

The publisher's total revenue for year ending March 31 was $5.629 billion, with a profit of $837 million. While revenue was up from last year, profit was actually down, owing to a one-off tax benefits program in 2020 that saw it hit $3 billion in profit.

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EA Confirms Best Year Ever For Revenue Amid Ongoing Pandemic

Net bookings, which is a combination of products and services sold, was at $6.190 billion - a 15% increase year-over-year, and above the company's estimations by $600 million. $4.06 billion of the net bookings came from "live services", which translates as microtransactions. The company's CFO Blake Jorgensen noted that's equivalent to 130 million console game sales.

Speaking of game sales, EA confirmed that 62% of console games sold were sold via digital storefronts, up from 49% last year.

FIFA 21 was one of thirteen games launched in the fiscal year, and the controversial Ultimate Team mode jumped by 16% year-over-year but the metric for this was not disclosed so this could mean users, but could also mean revenue.

Fellow sports franchise Madden reached a "record number of new players", while The Sims 4 hit 36 million players.

Free-to-play title Apex Legends hit 100 million players, with Season 8 bringing in over 12 million weekly average players.

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