Dying Light 2: Characters, Factions And Zombies In Techland's Zombie Sequel

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Dying Light 2 doesn't have a release date yet, but fans are no doubt excited to jump into its zombie-infested world of parkour and monsters.

The first game's story was surprisingly effective, putting players in the running shoes of Kyle Crane, a double agent of sorts. That makes it a little surprising that Crane isn't the protagonist this time around.

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Dying Light 2 Characters

This time, we'll be running, jumping, shooting and stabbing as Aiden Caldwell. Aiden is infected with the virus, so he is essentially living on borrowed time as he looks for a cure.

The only other characters we've seen are Aiden's friends Frank and Juan, the former of which is killed during the game's gameplay demo.

There's also Matt, who can be seen dying in one of the major decision points early within the demo.

Colonel Taner is also one of the major characters within the game and the lead of one of the major factions - the Peacekeepers

Check out the gameplay deep dive below:

Dying Light 2 Factions

The two major factions within the game are the Peackeepers and the Scavengers.



The Peacekeepers are an influential and powerful faction in Dying Light 2 and appear to be Authoritarian and Populists. They stand locked in a tense 'Cold War' with their main rivals the Scavengers.

They govern and bring law to the post-apocalyptic world through aggressive means. Despite their shortcomings, they do mean to achieve the best possible future for Mankind.

There are three sets of combat units:

  • Man-At-Arms - these units come in sparse quantities, all of which are moderately armoured, head protection and a 1-Handed Melee weapon 
  • Lawkeeper - lightly geared without headgear or even armour plating they wield 2-Handed Melee Weapons and heavily utilise their body weight in their attacks.
  • Guardian - heavily protected units with large body-length Shields, who severely lack abilities relating to offensive capabilities.


The Scavengers are powerful and influential rivals to the Peacekeepers and appear to be polar opposites. They appear to be Libertarian and Individualists.

Dying Light 2 Zombies

The infected zombies are the main enemies within the game and are the third wheel in this huge war.

There are different types including:

  • Viral - an initial state in which the infected is becoming
  • Biter - regular zombies that will try to grab and eat you
  • Degenerate - decaying zombies that are weak with pieces of meat that fall off of them.
  • Volatile - extremely dangerous and agile
  • Drowner - looks similar to Night Hunters'