Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Post-Launch Plans Revealed

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We're only a couple of weeks away from Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance now. Launching on June 22, we've already been told local co-op's being added in a future update, but Tuque Games just outlined their wider post-launch plans, and it's looking good.

The first pack is free, containing local co-op play alongside new levels, arriving in Summer 2021. Second pack is another freebie aiming for Fall 2021, implementing further levels alongside new difficulty rankings.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Post-Launch Plans Revealed

Finally, that'll be followed up with a paid expansion known as "Echoes of the Blood War" and for the unfamiliar, Fifth Edition D&D outlines the Blood War as an endless battle between devils and demons of the Nine Hells. Alongside new story elements and even further levels, there's a new playable character that uses magic. Like the second update, Tuque Games are aiming for a Fall 2021 release.

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It's unknown just how this event will factor into Dark Alliance, but it offers an interesting gateway into D&D's deeper lore. For Xbox and PC players, Dark Alliance arrives on Game Pass at launch for no extra cost, beyond your normal subscription price. We'll keep you informed with further updates as they happen.