Driveclub Director's New Game Isn't Another Racer, Reveal Coming This Year

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Driveclub wasn't Sony's greatest success when it launched in 2014. Evolution Studios' PS4 exclusive racer improved over time, though it looks like we won’t be getting a sequel anytime soon, as game director Paul Rustchynsky's teased a new game from his studio, Avalanche.

While Rustchynsky didn't reveal any details about this new project, he confirmed this isn't a racing game, marking a departure from his previous projects. Saying it Paul won't be a "Driveclub sequel, MotorStorm successor or Onrush offshoot," Rustchynsky promed a new IP in a genre that’s different from anything he's worked on before.

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Driveclub Director Teases New Non-Racing Video Game

In the tweet below, Paul Rustchynsky reminisced over how Avalanche was formed in 2021, confirming how 2022 will be the year they reveal this new game, getting fans excited.

Nothing is known about this new IP just yet, but we're certainly interested to see what comes next, annd there’s no doubt that fans of Driveclub will show some interest. While Driveclub was digitally delisted, you can still obtain it physically on PS4, though online servers shut down back in 2022.

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