Drive Buy Mixes Car Combat and Deliveries With Chaotic Results

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Drive Buy, a new car combat/delivery title, launches on Steam and Nintendo Switch today.

Offering city-based "King of the Hill" style matches where players fight to grab deliveries at their opponents' expense, Drive Buy looks like a great lockdown local multiplayer title.

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Drive Buy Mixes Car Combat and Deliveries With Chaotic Results

Landing somewhere between Crazy Taxi and Mario Kart, players will need to use power-ups and abilities to keep other drivers off of their tail in four-player matches.

Get taken out, however, and you'll have the chance for some sweet revenge.

Players can customise their vehicles with skins, different car types, and more earned by levelling up, while emotes add insult to injury when you take someone out.

Developer Glitchers also claim to have taken cues from Twisted Metal and Rocket League, and at first glance, it's clear that there's a lot going on in Drive Buy.

Check out the trailer below:

Interested? You can pick up the game via Steam or the Nintendo eShop.

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