Dreams Will Receive VR Support This Month

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Media Molecule's Dreams was an ambitious title that released in February of 2020.

The game allows players to develop their own creations to their heart's content and share it with the world.


The game is receiving a VR expansion that will only expand the opportunity for creativity.

Courtesy of PlayStation Blog

The VR update will arrive on July 22nd.


The update will come with several hours of tutorials on how to create games and projects in VR.

The creation experience is also being evolved in VR, allowing players to use their PlayStation Move Controllers to sculpt their VR creation around them.

Not only that, but the update will also bring a range of pre-made VR games and experiences made by Media Molecule.

The developers have also released a roadmap for players to keep track of what is coming soon.


It will be exciting to see what players can create in VR and how far they can push the boundaries of Dreams creation tools.

For specific details on the update, check out the PlayStation Blog here.