Dragon Ball FighterZ Kefla Guide And Combos: How To Master The First Season 3 DLC Fighter!

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This week saw the launch of the third season-pass of Dragon Ball FighterZ and with it came the newest fighter Kefla!

As we noted, it launched alongside a significant patch that brings many refinements and changes, such as an updated battle screen, the ability to choose one of three assists, and many more.


Ultra-Instinct Goku is due to arrive in late Spring, alongside 3 other fighters to be announced over time.

With that, we wanted to help you out with a guide on just who Kefla is within the Dragon Ball universe, alongside her special moves in FighterZ to give you a head-start.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Kefla Guide

Kefla is a fusion of both Kale and Caulifla, who feature in the ‘Universe Survival’ saga of Dragon Ball Super.

She is in a constant Super Saiyan state, where she has similar speed to Gohan but the attacks of Trunks – incredibly fast but with impressive range.

Her ease of use makes her a great starter-character for anyone new to FighterZ, while for experienced players she's best placed as the second character in a three-team battle, ready to assist when needed with a ‘Special Attack’ (which can now be picked at your choosing when at the Character-Select screen).


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Special Attacks

  • Super Cannonball - Throws a green energy ball at your opponent, dealing 10% damage.
  • Double Hammer - Kefla throws a double-punch, dealing 5% damage.
  • Gigantic Breaker - Charges a red blast then slams into the opponent, dealing 15% damage.

Super Attacks

One Ki Gauge

  • Gigantic Chaser - Kefla summons ten red energy balls with all of them firing to the ground of the stage. Deals 25% damage.
  • Gigantic Ray - Kefla summons ten red spheres with five on each hand, and throws them at the opponent. There’s also a final projectile that fires at them a second after, dealing 25% of damage.
  • Ultra Cannonball - Kefla summons six green energy balls and throws them at the opponent, three at once, and it follows them until it hits them. Inflicts 25% of damage on the opponent.


Three Ki Gauges

  • Gigantic Burst - The nuclear option for Kefla, this unloads a burst of energy ribbons that cover the screen, and hit any opponent who isn’t blocking in the process. After using these like a whip, a powerful energy wave follows, covering the screen and taking off two-thirds of the opponent's health.

For now, that’s it for Kefla!

There are rumours that a ‘dramatic finish’ will be introduced with Ultra-Instinct Goku, which will mimic this scene.


We live in hope, especially given FighterZ excellent animation – imagine this in 8K!