Meet DokeV, a New Open-World Critter Catcher

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One of Gamescom 2021's surprise announcements was DokeV, a Pokemon-like action-adventure from the Black Desert Online development team.

Its Pokemon-ness extends as far as collecting creatures, but beyond that, DokeV is a beast of a different kind.

Dokebi, the critters in question, gain their abilities from people's dreams, and the trailer shows them lending humans their power, rather than fighting other creatures directly.

The DokeV trailer also highlighted a number of other activities you'll be doing around town, from hanging out with friends, to visiting the beach, and even having a little impromptu dance party.

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Meet DokeV, a New Open-World Critter Catcher


What's the goal of befriending Dokebi? Pearl Abyss didn't quite say. We did get to see jets, jet skis, and Dokebi-powered grappling hooks, though, and that's enough to catch our interest.

For now, we'll have to wait to know more. Pearl Abyss didn't mention a DokeV release date, though they did clarify to IGN that, unlike Black Desert Online, this isn't an MMO.

It's an open-world action game.

Hopefully we'll see more of DokeV in the coming months.

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