Destroy All Humans Remastered: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, Price and more

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Destroy All Humans, a PS2-era classic, is getting a fresh coat of paint and a re-release in 2020.

Originally launched back in 2005, players assume the role of Crypto, an alien with a simple goal – destroy all humans. What follows is open-world blasting, disintegration, and flying a UFO.


The game garnered a cult following and was one of the franchises that THQ Nordic picked up in the THQ IP "fire sale" when that publisher went bust.

Here's everything we know about Crypto's remastered adventure so far.

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Features and Changes to Gameplay

Apart from notable graphical changes, Black Forest Games appear to be keeping the gameplay of Destroy All Humans relatively untouched.

However, some quality of life and minor changes to gameplay have been revealed.

Let's check them out:

  • After completing each story mission, players can return to that area in a sandbox zone. This gives the player a sense of freedom and a chance to get as much nostalgia out of the title as possible.
  • New challenges have been added
  • Quality of life changes to weapon swapping and gameplay
  • Update to UI

Release Date

THQ Nordic has announced that "the Invasion will begin on July 28th", so we don't have too long to get our hands on the remaster.


The Destroy All Humans! remake is getting a PC demo.


Destroy All Humans Remastered is arriving at a lower price point than many new titles. You can preorder it on Steam or Xbox Live for £34.99, but more retailers are being added.

Meet Crypto – the last thing you'll ever see

Special Editions

Destroy All Humans DNA Collector's Edition - $150

  • Base game
  • Crypto skin pack
  • Crypto 'N' Cow Figurine
  • Keychain
  • Six lithographs
  • Eye-popping anti-stress toy
  • Premium box

Destroy All Humans Crypto-137 Edition - $400

  • Base Game
  • Crypto skin pack
  • Crypto-137 figurine (23 inches)
  • Crypto backpack
  • Keychain
  • Six lithographs
  • Eye-popping anti-stress toy
  • Premium box

Graphics Comparison

YouTube channel Candyland offers a great comparison between the original and remastered graphics.


Check out Crypto in action below: