Destiny News: Trials of Osiris Revealed

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The trials of Osiris have officially been revealed, thanks to a livestream on Bungie's Twitch channel.

Long rumoured, the game variant is an end-game PVP centric mode focused on 3 versus 3 gameplay and skill, with raid tier drops and an absolute ton of things to get excited about. Last week the first information from the 2nd Destiny expansion, House of Wolves, dropped, showing off the new item economy, weapon and armour growth, as well as a new social area in the previously unexplored Reef.


We have all the details about Destiny's latest addition below.

Elimination: New game type, 3v3. No respawns, similar to Search and Destroy in Call of Duty. Revives are still possible. 2 minute rounds are confirmed, with victory being given to the first team to secure 5 rounds. A capture point will appear 2 minutes into the round - the first team to capture it or eliminate all of the opposition wins the round.

Brother Vance sells Trials Passages, a score card that keeps track of all wins and losses in the Trials of Osiris. These stats reset each and every week. Once you attain 3 losses on your passage, the passage is considered complete. The more wins you gain before losing, the better rewards you'll be able to gain upon completion of the package.

Stone Rank: 2 wins. It's impossible to see rewards until you unlock them.


Passage Coins: A new currency from Daily PvP matches, can give buffs such as 1 free win, 1 loss doesn't count. These will certainly give more value to playing PVP at least once per day.

Maps: The Trials of Osiris takes place in a different stadium each and every week. As a result, each week it'll be a different, pre-detemrined map. No random maps.

At this point, gameplay was shown in front of a game audience, complete with commentary and in-game communication on mic. The eSports influences are extremely obvious, and the potential for strategy could become an exciting edition to multiplayer. Bungie did make Halo after all, their goal here is clear.


Drops: Drops are randomly distributed after each and every game, in exactly the same manner as Raid drops. Watchers' Grips (gloves) and Emperor Sigil dropped here.

Matchmaking: There is no random matchmaking. You must enter as a team of 3, and you will always face teams of 3. It has different matchmaking mechanics to the rest of the game, highly favouring placing teams that will have good connections with one another together. This was intented to reflect the level of competitiveness of the Trials of Osiris.

Quitting: Quitting games counts as a loss on the Trials Passage.


Sets: There are 2 sets of Trials of Osiris that drops. One set that ascends to Lv34, and one for those that get consistently win. Hood of the Exile is the latter. Egyptian themed.

Iron Banner: Iron Banner rules are in effect, level advantages are fully enabled.

Run Time: Trials Of Osiris runs from Friday to Tuesday each week, once House of Wolves releases.



The Trials of Osiris looks like an excellent addition to PVP that could just be the competitive centric gameplay that Destiny needs to add longevity. The Trials of Osiris will be available May 19th, as a part of the House of Wolves expansion.

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