Destiny’s Traveler is healing itself in a new ‘live event’

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About an hour after this story went live, a special event mission opened up in the Last City (where the Solstice and Festival of the Lost instances could be found in recent months). It was available only for a short time.

Described as a “disturbance,” the event loaded players into a shared social space beneath the Traveler, where Ghost said he could feel a surge of energy similar to the day the Ghosts were all “born.”


Eris Morn warned that something was coming: the Darkness.

In a final pre-expansion cutscene, the Traveler’s mysterious enemy is seen engulfing the map in black, erasing Titan, Io, Mercury, and Mars from view. Only Earth, our moon, and the Reef remain.

As Destiny 2’s servers went offline, some players received a message.

“The Light cannot save you,” it said. “Seek us out on Europa.”


The original story follows.

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Three years after the Traveler woke from its centuries-long slumber to save the Last City from Dominus Ghaul, the mysterious god-machine appears to be healing itself.

Tuesday, Destiny 2 will launch its year-four expansion, Beyond Light, and a new “live event” — happening as we speak — shows the entity that brought humanity its Golden Age glowing and beginning to repair itself after centuries of sacrifice.


It’s a gorgeous spectacle, though a gradual one, with little in the way of observable progress. Game director Luke Smith first teased an event like this one several days ago, but downplayed its significance.

“We have a small event to close out Season of Arrivals. We wanted it to be a surprise, but an email accidentally mentioned it,” he said in a Twitter post. “It’s nothing too crazy — just a little time to chill in the Tower before the Lights go out.”

We’ll see what ends up happening. I’ll update this article with any crucial updates, if any, between now and the next major change. One way or another, I expect to be on Europa tomorrow, discovering answers to questions I’ve had for six years.

Let’s hope.