Demon’s Souls is getting a $90 digital deluxe edition on PS5

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PlayStation has quietly announced a digital deluxe edition for the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake. A listing for the deluxe edition appeared on Sony’s PlayStation website Tuesday afternoon.

“From PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic Demon’s Souls,” the listing reads.


“Entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced, this remake introduces the horrors of a fog-laden, dark fantasy land to a whole new generation of gamers. Those who’ve faced its trials and tribulations before can once again challenge the darkness in stunning visual quality with incredible performance.”

Players will be able to choose between a 4K-resolution mode and a higher-frame-rate performance mode. The game also supports fast load times, haptic feedback, and 3D audio.

“Venture to the northern kingdom of Boletaria — a once-prosperous land of knights, now beset with unspeakable creatures and ravenous demons,” Sony says. “Meet strange characters, unhinged and twisted by the world around them, and unravel the unsettling story of Demon’s Souls.”

Here’s everything included with the digital deluxe edition:

  • Full game
  • Legendary Hero Soul
  • Renowned Warrior Soul
  • Storied Warrior Soul
  • Red-Eye Knight Armor
  • Boletarian Royalty Armor
  • Ritual Blade
  • Hoplite Shield
  • Ring of Longevity
  • Preservation Grains
  • Phosphorescent Grains
  • Bearbug Grains
  • Large Hardstone Shard
  • Moonlightstone Shard
  • Original soundtrack

It’s available to pre-order now for $89.99, or £89.99, and is set for release on November 12 alongside Sony’s new PlayStation 5 console.