Gaming News

03 Nov 2020

Demon’s Souls PS5 will let you ‘feel metal strike metal’

We’re less than two weeks out from the next generation of video-game consoles, and all signs point to a shift marked not by seismic improvements in graphical fidelity but by small quality-of-life changes.

It sounds like the PS5 launch title Demon’s Souls — a faithful remake of the 2009 game of the same name — will be a more visceral, immersive experience than most players are used to.

“You can feel metal strike metal,” creative director Gavin Moore told the Washington Post in a story published on Monday.

“You can feel it in your hands when you make a perfect parry to give you the counterattack. You can feel the block was correct. I hit home. I felt it hit home. I know I gave that boss damage, and I can get out there, move back and wait for their attack to come in.”

He says, “So it actually makes the gameplay better, and it makes the game feel a little bit easier.”

It’s not just the controller that aims to bring Demon’s Souls into the next gen; the 3D audio design sounds pretty intense, too.

“You can feel arrows rush past your head in this game. It’s quite disturbing,” Moore said.

“I play the game, and I instantly move my head sometimes.”

PlayStation 5 and the Demon’s Souls remake will launch on November 12.