Dead By Daylight The Twins Killer: Chapter 18 Revealed, Release Date, Powers, Perks, Add-Ons, Loadout And More

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Finally, Chapter 18 of Dead by Daylight has been announced. The new chapter is dubbed 'A Binding of Kin'.

Along with the new chapter, comes a killer. Well, a killer and a half to be exact.


In a very DBD fashion, the team shared a short clip to Twitter and follows this up with a full reveal in the form of an animated teaser trailer. 

Here's everything we know about the games next killer, dubbed 'The Twins'.

We will be updating this piece as more information is revealed.

Chapter 18 Killer - The Twins

The next killer to join the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game is 'The Twins'.

As per the games devs, here's what we know about the killers:

"Charlotte and Victor Deshayes formed an emotional bond like none other. After a life of hardship and suffering, The Entity has twisted their love for one another into something truly terrifying."


Based on the first few teasers it was suspected the new killer was going to be a Wendigo, but it's good to see they've gone for something a little more original - and horrifying.

Our past can sometimes be a burden, that drives us to the most dangerous places in search of answers and hope...
— Dead by Daylight (@DeadByBHVR)
November 6, 2020

Release Date

Charlotte and Victor are the 22nd killers to make an appearance.

They'll do so in CHAPTER XVIII: A Binding of Kin the next DLC to be released in December of 2020.


Unfortunately, there's no actual date for the DLC yet but we should know soon!

The Twins are currently available to play in the PTB (Public Test Build).


Special Ability: Blood Bond

You can unleash Victor by pressing and holding the power button.

To swap between Charlotte and Victor tap press the ability button.

Doing so will leave the other dormant till switched.


Victor cannot see Scratch Marks but can see Pools of Blood from injured Survivors, it will glow bright red.

When left dormant Victor activates Killer Instinct on Survivors revealing their outline to Charlotte.

Be careful as he can be crushed while not being controlled.

If this does happen he will take about six seconds to regrow on Charlotte.

Special Attack: Pounce

When controlling Victor use the Ability button charge a pounce.

Then press the Attack button to use the pounce.


Landing on a Survivor will deal damage.

If the Survivor has full health, Victor will latch onto them, with the Broken, Oblivious and Incapacitated Status Effects.

You'll then swap back to Charlotte.

If the Survivor is injured, Victor will down them.

Survivors who have Victor latched to them cannot enter Lockers or leave through the Exit Gates.

Latched Survivors will also reveal the Aura of nearby Survivors.

Victor can be crushed while latched by doing the Remove action which takes about eight seconds.


If he misses a Pounce, he becomes vulnerable for a short amount of time and can be crushed by a Survivor.

Power Trivia

Blood Bond

  • Killer Instinct triggers only on Survivors that are walking or running within the various Shriek ranges of Victor and lingers for 1.5 seconds.
    • Survivors can sneak up on Victor without triggering Killer Instinct by crouching towards him.
  • Victor, at a rate of 1 c/s, takes 6 seconds to re-grow inside Charlotte.
  • Victor will be automatically destroyed after idling for 90 seconds.
  • Releasing Victor takes 1 second.
  • Switching from Charlotte to Victor takes 0.25 seconds.
  • Switching from Victor to Charlotte takes 3 seconds.
  • Victor glows red whenever he is idle and the Killer is controlling Charlotte instead.
  • Victor and Charlotte see their respective Aura at all times, except for when Victor is latched onto a Survivor.


  • Cancelling Pounce applies a cool-down of 0.25 seconds.
  • Charging Pounce takes 1 second.
  • The Auras of other Survivors are revealed for 5 seconds.
  • The Pounce applies the following attack cool-downs:
    • 1 second for a successful Pounce with latching on
    • 3 seconds for a successful Pounce without latching on
    • 3 seconds for a missed or obstructed Pounce


  • Removing Victor takes 8 seconds.
  • Crushing Victor after a missed Pounce or when he idles takes 0.35 seconds.


To begin with, these Perks will only appear in The Twins' Bloodweb.

After reaching Level 30 you can begin to unlock them.

Once unlocked they will become available to other Killers.

  • Hoarder - Level 30
  • Oppression - Level 35
  • Coup de Grâce - Level 40


  • You protect what little you have and are perceptive to those rummaging through your stockpiles.
  • Receive a Loud Noise notification for 4 seconds when Survivors interact with a Chest or when they pick up an Item within 24/36/48 metres of your location.
  • The Trial begins with up to 2 additional Chests in the environment.
  • The rarity of Items found in all Chests is decreased.


  • Life has been difficult for you, so you'll make it difficult for others.
  • When you damage a Generator, up to 3 other random Generators also begin regressing.
  • If the affected Generators are being repaired, any Survivors repairing them receive a difficult Skill Check.
  • Oppression has a cool-down of 120/100/80 seconds.
  • "Damn them as they would damn us." — Charlotte Deshayes

Coup de Grâce

  • As the end nears, you go in for the kill.
  • Each time a Generator is completed, Coup de Grâce grows in power.
  • Gain 1 Token per Generator.
  • Consume 1 Token to increase the distance of your next Lunge Attack by 60/80/100 %.


  • Toy Sword
    • A minuscule toy sword, only a few inches long. Holding it brought out a violent enthusiasm in Victor.
      • Slightly decreases Pounce Charge requirement.
  • Tiny Fingernail
    • Charlotte had many ways to mourn Victor’s death. As the fingernails loosened from his rotting hands, she took one in remembrance.
      • Moderately reduces Victor's Unbinding time.
  • Soured Milk
    • A metal bottle filled with milk that has since soured. Loud as Victor could be, he quieted down when presented with his meal.
      • Slightly increases Victor's Shriek radius.
  • Cat Figurine
    • A wooden figure that had caught young Victor's eye. He shrieked until his mother stole it from the market, nearly blowing their cover.
      • Displays the target location of a Pounce.
  • Madeleine's Glove
    • A glove once owned by The Twins' mother. During desperate times, it was held over Victor's mouth to keep him from making a peep.
      • Moderately increases Victor's Shriek radius.
  • Ceremonial Candelabrum
    • The candelabrum that Victor tipped over, causing his captors to burn. A symbol of his tenacity.
      • Slightly increases time needed for Survivors to crush Victor.
  • Cat's Eye
    • An eyeball that belonged to a cat eaten by the starving Deshayes family. Victor hid it from his mother, using it as a toy.
      • Victor's Shrieks stop when Pounce is fully charged.
  • Bloody Black Hood
    • A hood from one of the men that hunted Charlotte. Soon, he became the prey.
      • Slightly reduces Cool-down time when switching to Charlotte.
  • Baby Teeth
    • Two teeth that Victor lost long ago. They're unusually sharp.
      • Survivors removing Victor suffer from the Blindness Status Effect for 15 seconds.
  • Weighty Rattle
    • A shoddily carved rattle that Victor cried over until his mother stole it for him. It's entirely too heavy to be trusted to a child.
      • Survivors removing Victor suffer from the Broken Status Effect for 20 seconds.
  • Stale Biscuit
    • A hard, unleavened biscuit that Madeleine stole from a town’s market. It wasn't much, but it was better than most meals.
      • Slightly decreases Victor's Pounce cool-down.
  • Sewer Sludge
    • A disgusting, sticky mixture that covered the Deshayes during an escape attempt through the city sewers.
      • Slightly increases time needed for Survivors to remove Victor.
  • Rusted Needle
    • A needle Madeleine used to sew up her children's tattered clothes.
      • Survivors removing Victor suffer from the Haemorrhage Status Effect until healed.
  • Madeleine's Scarf
    • A cloth Madeleine wore shortly before her death. The Twins kept it as a memento.
      • Slightly increases Victor's Movement speed.
    • "...shall hereby be recorded as a service to the greater good and the extermination of evil." — Inquiry into the death of Madeleine Deshayes
  • Victor's Soldier
    • A toy soldier Victor clung to when scared. Something about it evoked jealousy in Charlotte.
      • If a Survivor crushes Victor while he's idle, their Aura is revealed for to Charlotte for 6 seconds.
    • "Kch--kch—k'ull bawd mennn..." — Victor Deshayes
  • Spinning Top
    • A wooden top shared between The Twins, though Victor wanted it for his own. He learned he could get what he wanted if he clung tightly and screamed.
      • Moderately increases time needed for Survivors to remove Victor.
    • "Hush... hush... it is yours then." — Charlotte Deshayes
  • Forest Stew
    • A stew of foraged vegetables mixed with moss and bark to create a false sense of fullness.
      • Moderately increases Victor's Movement speed.
  • "Eat... eat, child. You'll feel better when it's down." — Madeleine Deshayes
  • Drop of Perfume
    • One of the few luxuries Madeleine escaped her past life with. It has a pleasant, disarming scent.
      • Survivors within Victor's Shriek radius suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect.
    • "Beware the deceit of witches, for they exploit the goodness in men's hearts." — A History of Witches and Demons (1602)
  • Silencing Cloth
    • A coarse strip of cloth that a five-year-old Charlotte would put in her mouth. Stopped her from screaming when witch hunters were nearby.
      • After waking from her Dormant State, Charlotte is granted the Undetectable Status Effect for 12 seconds.
    • "I don't like this game anymore, Mother..." — Charlotte Deshayes
  • Iridescent Pendant
    • A glass-like pendant moulded from The Fog itself. There's a portrait of Madeleine Deshayes upon it, though something about her depiction seems unsettling.
      • If a Survivor crushes Victor while he's idle, they suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 12 seconds.
    • "Your binding is no curse, my loves. It is your strength to draw upon." — Madeleine Deshayes


Blade of Marseille

"Tales warned of a demon who skulked the gutters of Marseille with a shimmering blade in hand.

In reality, it was a battered sickle Charlotte stole from a farmer's home and modified to her liking."


New Survivor

The new Survivor for Chapter 18, Binding of Kin, is Élodie Rakoto.

Here's what we know about Élodie, so far:

"Cunning, smart, and resolute, Élodie spent her life trying to uncover the mystery of her parents’ disappearance. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, she turned to the occult to find the answers she was looking for."

Some information sourced from Dead By Daylight Wiki.