Dead By Daylight Advent Calendar: New Promo Codes, Rewards, Ugly Sweaters And How It Works

You might be one of the many all over the world wanting the holidays to come early this year.

It's no wonder with the current situation we're all living in, we need some Christmas cheer!

Dead by Daylight are here to save the day.

In this blog post, they announced this year's advent calendar, find out all about their gifts to you and more below.

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DBD Advent Calendar 2020

From December 1st 11 AM ET/ 4 PM GMT till January 3rd 11 AM ET/ 4 PM GMT players will be getting some goodies.

Most days between these dates players will be rewarded for each day they log in.

As well as that you'll be able to grab yourself some cosmetic rewards with Redeem/Promo Codes.

You can find our article on Promo Codes here, we keep it updated so be sure to check back or you might miss out!

The codes mentioned will only be able to be redeemed in a certain time frame.

You'll be able to find said codes by checking the in-game news on Mondays at 11 AM ET/4 PM GMT.

We'll also see the return of the Ugly Sweater Collection.

These cosmetics will be available in the in-game shop after the holiday, date to be confirmed.

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Future Events

Some changes are being made to events in general.

Here's what the team at Dead by Daylight had to say on the topic.

"If you were around for previous Winter events from 2017 and 2018 then you may notice a slight difference in this Advent Calendar from those previous events. There’s a reason for this and we’d like to talk about it a bit.  

Going forward, we will be contributing more effort towards our Anniversary & Halloween related events. These are our largest events where we love to bring the community together and really celebrate Dead by Daylight as a family. 

Beyond these two, others will be treated more as “Celebrations”. We will still be celebrating Winter, Lunar New Year, etc. but are taking new approaches to them to better define and focus our efforts on those larger ones. This means that you won’t see special event gameplay mechanics or earnable cosmetics for these Celebrations, but will continue to see activations such as login rewards, Bloodweb items, and themed assets. 

We’ve heard your feedback from the recent Eternal Blight event, and this plan is our first step working  towards events that truly feel special by allowing us to focus on which events need the most effort."

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