CrossfireX Faces Heavy Criticism Over Quality Issues

CrossfireX is available now with Free-to-Play multiplayer, but players may want to avoid that if the angry Reddit page is anything to go by. Facing sharp criticism for lack of quality and content, many fans expressed their anger, causing the Subreddit’s moderators to step in.

In the Reddit post below (spotted by The Gamer), the CrossfireX moderators said they'd let players vent frustrations. However, they've clearly felt that the hostile comments have been too much, warning players not to cross any lines while letting their anger out.

CrossfireX Faces Heavy Criticism Over Quality Issues

Much of this comes down to lack of content, with each mode only having one map and numerous glitches plaguing Remedy Entertainment's free-to-play shooter. Considering that's the version most are likely playing, it's not especially surprising this version's facing the heat.

The full version of CrossfireX has a single-player campaign and launched alongside the free-to-play multiplayer. We will update fans on the game if it gets any better.

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