CrossfireX Reveals First Look At 3 New Multiplayer Maps

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Crossfire has largely been popular across Asian regions for several years. But, Microsoft hopes that the first-person shooter will captivate western audiences.

And after impressing players with CrossfireX's beta last month, fans can get a fresh look at new maps that will be available in the forthcoming game.


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CrossfireX Reveals First Look At 3 New Multiplayer Maps

South Korean developer Smilegate has issued a Developer Update, showcasing key features in the impending production.

Smilegate has accentuated the graphical improvements the game has made throughout production, with locations now boasting better lighting and intricate environments.


Smilegate also released videos that highlight 3 new maps that will be playable in the military shooter.


Beginning with Babylon, the barren land emphasizes worn-out buildings within a deserted territory. The video also underlines the use of the helicopter, where players can operate a turret gun from the vehicle.


Babylon Lab

In a more compact environment, Babylon Lab has maze-like platforms. The sparks and fiery furnace enforce the claustrophobic nature of the location. While the scattered statuesque infrastructure juxtaposes well with the contrasting metallic layout.


Interspersed with damaged buildings, Invasion looks to be an outcome of an intense battle. Resembling the appearance of Crash from Modern Warfare, the cannons in the background make for some nice set-dressing.


Smilegate also discussed the Tactical Growth System, where players can choose various upgrades, like increased strength and health generation. These perks will last throughout the entirety of a round. Through the tactical growth perk, players can also enter the third phase of a round and transform into different mercenaries; one example being the Boogieman:

CrossfireX is still due to release later this year for both Xbox consoles. Smilegate is developing the multiplayer aspect of the game, while the campaign is being created by Remedy, the developers behind the award-winning Control, and Alan Wake. The Finnish developers are also developing a multi-player spin-off for Control in Condor.