Remedy is Making a Control Multiplayer Spinoff Called Condor

Remedy and 505 games are developing Condor, a Control multiplayer spinoff planned for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

Remedy announced the project in an official statement on the studio’s website and said Condor will be a four-player co-op game with PvE elements.

“We have successfully collaborated with 505 Games for over four years and have both become stronger in our respective fields,” Remedy CEO Tero Virtala said in the statement.

“This new agreement supports Remedy’s aims to expand our games into long-term franchises, create benchmark-setting games, strengthen our commercial capabilities and collaborate with great partners with whom we can succeed together.”

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Remedy is Making a Control Multiplayer Spinoff Called Condor

It seems Condor won’t just be a quick, cash-in spinoff either. The Condor development budget is 25 million Euros, which is close to Control’s development budget of 30 million Euros.

However, we don’t have much idea about what Condor will be or when it will release.

Remedy’s statement is geared toward investors and makes little mention of what the game’s focus is aside from saying it’ll be multiplayer.

Whether it follows Jesse Faden or explores other facets of the House and the bizarre world outside it remains to be seen.

[Source: Remedy Entertainment]

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