COD 2020 Multiplayer Maps: What We Know About the Maps In The New Call of Duty

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On July 19th, a leak detailing new information from the mysterious “Red Door” internal alpha appeared on the internet.

Said to be the codename for COD 2020, the leak unveiled new information surrounding campaign missions, new areas to the Warzone map, and information on multiplayer maps.


In this article, we take a look at the codenames for all eight maps, and attempt to predict the settings for each map, and what they may look like.

Black Sea

Black Sea Call of Duty 2020

The Black Sea lies on the coasts of several countries in eastern Europe and more importantly, a small section of Russia.

There are a couple of Russian ports on the coastline, which could mean that this particular map is set in a shipping port potentially involved in delivering weaponry across the Soviet states.



Cartel Call of Duty 2020

The name implies that the map could be set in Nicaragua, and it wouldn’t be surprising considering there is a campaign mission set in the country.

It could well have a similar setting to the Villa map from the first Black Ops game, featuring a wealth of abandoned cars and a good mixture of long sightlines and areas for close-quarters engagements.


KGB Call of Duty 2020

Judging by the name, this map will be set in Russia and is likely to be set in a built-up area with a clear-cut, three-lane design which Treyarch is well-known for.

Expect plenty of flanking routes through narrow alleyways perfect for rapid-fire SMGs with a few lines of sight which overlook areas where players will have to either capture an objective in the open or cross over to reach another area of the map.




Miami Call of Duty 2020

Welcome to Miami! There is a lot of scope for this map, with several settings that could be utilised to create a well-balanced map.

It could be a chaotic close-quarters battleground within a range of small to medium-sized buildings or could be a perfect balance of built-up areas on one side, and a wide-open area for snipers to have maximum impact at long range with players nowhere to go but back to their spawn.


Moscow Call of Duty 2020

This title seems pretty self-explanatory. This map could feature some iconic areas such as the Red Square and its cathedral, leading to the potential of players battling it out in and around these structures.


In contrast, it might feature players battling it out inside the cathedral inside a maze of corridors and rooms perfect for shotgunners to run and gun the opposition.


Satellite Call of Duty 2020

This name is particularly interesting. It could be a completely new setting or it could well be a rework of Black Ops map Array, which featured a huge satellite located in the middle of the map.

Array featured plenty of open areas and a long corridor inside the satellite building, where several windows provided clear sightlines to pick off opponents with ease.



Tank Call of Duty 2020

We may have already seen footage of this map in action when leaked pre-alpha footage of the game emerged online.

The now-deleted footage showed a player walking around a tank factory, with unfinished tanks in the middle of the map, splitting the map into two areas. It was unclear as to how the full map looked, but a traditional three-lane design could suit this particular setting perfectly.


So far, we haven’t mentioned any maps set in Vietnam and it would be a shame if COD 2020 didn’t include any set in this area of the world.

We’ve detailed plenty of maps designed for close quarters gunfights so Tundra could well be an open map with only a handful of buildings which enable players to control a large proportion of the map.

The name also suggests that the terrain could play a huge part in how the map plays. Players could crouch behind a hill or a crater for some improvised cover or could be a nasty headglitch for players to go on a massive killstreak!