Captain Price is a Liverpool fan, says voice actor

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Image showing Captain Price smoking cigar
Credit: Activision

The Call of Duty franchise has its fair share of legendary characters but few live up to the mystique of Captain Price from the Modern Warfare series. The leader of Task Force 141 is synonymous with his no-nonsense attitude but very little is known about his background.

With the launch of Modern Warfare 2 on the horizon, the sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare will see the return of the 141. In addition to Price, Ghost and Gaz are also on their way back to stop the bad guys once and for all.

A recent Twitter post from Price’s voice actor Barry Sloane has revealed the Captain’s favourite football team.

Price is a Liverpool supporter

The news comes following a Twitter question-and-answer session between Sloane and the Call of Duty community.

Amongst the queries, he confirms that Price is a fan of Liverpool and while some fans are happy with the Captain’s choice, others don’t approve.

Although the revelation doesn’t reveal further clues on the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, it does link Sloane even closer to the Captain as he’s also a Liverpool supporter. Additionally, the actor unveils what the leader of the 141 likes to do when he’s not saving the world from a disaster.

“He likes to fish,” states Sloane. “He’s also currently writing a self-help book. Under a pseudonym.” Considering all of the adventures Price has had over the years, a self-help book is definitely a change of pace. Perhaps he’s looking at other avenues once he calls time on his military career.

Alongside sharing Price’s favourite football team, Sloane also shared plenty more about the captain, so make sure to check out his Twitter account for an even deeper insight into the enigmatic character.

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