Capcom Countdown Teases New Reveal Next Week

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Capcom has launched a new countdown website, teasing a new game announcement in six days. While there aren't any clues we can derive the website itself, it's been noticed that this times up with the Street Fighter Pro Tour Season Final concluding.

Accordingly, many fans believe this could be Street Fighter 6, since it’s been several years since Street Fighter 5 came out. Furthermore, 5's last DLC character, Luke, was previously teased to be “a glimpse into the future,” adding further weight to a speculated reveal.

Capcom Countdown Teases New Reveal Next Week

Aside from the countdown website, no other teasers from Capcom were shown. Despite this speculation, some are hoping it could be the oft-rumoured Resident Evil 4 Remake, while another (but admittedly less likely) candidate includes Dragon's Dogma 2.

Capcom holds a significant library of games, and we've seen some less likely revivals over the past few years. 2018 brought us Mega Man 11, while Ghost N’ Goblins Resurrection launched last February. We'll find out what this mystery game is on February 21, so keep an out for further details.

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