Call of Duty: Warzone: What Is The Solo World Record?

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Ever since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone in March 2020, players have battled it out to hold the highest number of kills in a single match.

Whether it’s trios against quads, solos versus duos, solos versus quads, or the kill record for a quads match, the best Warzone players in the world are constantly attempting to outdo each other by breaking records.


While there are many different Warzone world records, the record for the highest number of kills recorded in a solo match often goes unnoticed by the Warzone community.

So who holds the record for the highest number of kills scored in a solo Warzone match?

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Warzone Solos World Record

The most kills scored in the Solos playlist was scored by Russian Warzone streamer Recrent on July 7th.


The streamer scored a total of 43 kills, amassing a total of 10,111 damage on his way to victory.

Using a combination of a fully-equipped RAM-7 assault rifle and dual wield pistols, he navigated the map with ease, utilising an SUV fitted with a Trophy System to his advantage as he eliminated the opposition with ease.

The solo masterclass can be watched by clicking here.

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Solo V Quads World Record

More recently, former Fortnite pro turned Warzone extraordinaire AydaN set the world record for the highest number of kills in a solo versus quads match.

Widely considered to be the very best Warzone player on the planet, AydaN managed to score an incredible tally of 60 kills on his way to the victory helicopter.

Although this is an extremely impressive feat, the record has been called into question thanks to the discovery of SBMM Warzone, a website that shows the difficulty of the lobby players are playing in.


For this particular record, AydaN found himself in a Bronze 4 lobby, one of the easiest, while other players are dropping into Verdansk with players of a higher skill level.