Warzone Season 3 LEAKS: Release Date, Trailer, Weapons, Operators, Zombies, Warzone And Everything You Need To Know

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Season Two for Call of Duty’s popular battle royale Warzone is well underway. Although there have been plenty of new additions to the game, focus has already begun to turn to what could be arriving in Season Three.

Since the integration of Black Ops Cold War at the beginning of Season One, Warzone has been on a turbulent road full of game-breaking bugs and an imbalanced weapon arsenal much to the annoyance of its passionate and often vocal community.

With the release of Season Two and the launch of update 1.32, some form of stability and balance has returned to Warzone and with Raven Software providing frequent updates on its bid to tackle cheaters, there’s no better time to drop into Verdansk or Rebirth Island.

Find absolutely everything you need to know about Season Three of Warzone in this article!

Latest News

Nuke Event Coming In Season 3? - 25th March

@WarzoneNewz has claimed that the nuke event will drop in Season 3 of Warzone!

Release Date

The start of a brand-new Warzone season can be calculated by looking at when the Battle Pass of the ongoing season comes to an end.

The Season Two Battle Pass ends on April 21st, suggesting that the new season of content will go live on the same day.

Raven Software has yet to announce when the new season will begin but based on previous seasons, Season Three is more than likely beginning towards the end of April.


Considering that Season Two is still in full swing, there hasn’t been any Season Three trailers released just yet.

As the current season comes to its end, we can expect numerous teasers surrounding the next chapter of the ongoing storyline alongside trailers showcasing some of the new content


With the launch of a brand-new season, there are always new additions to Warzone’s massive arsenal.

Prior to the release of the season, the trailers sometimes showcase some of the new weapons that will be available but seeing as Season Two is in full swing, it’s far too early to tell which weapons will be arriving in Season Three.

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Ever since Captain Price managed to prevent the launch of the nuclear missile and Soap MacTavish came over the radio, several players have been wondering when the iconic character from past Modern Warfare titles will be making an appearance in Warzone.

Despite various leaks and rumours surrounding his release, Soap has yet to appear as a playable Operator in Warzone.

Could he finally make an appearance in Season Three? We will have to wait and find out.

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