Call of Duty Warzone: Paul Pogba Signs For Verdansk FC

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Season five of Modern Warfare and Warzone is in full swing and to celebrate the grand opening of the Verdansk stadium, the club has unveiled its first Summer signing.

French superstar midfielder Paul Pogba has joined forces with the club to promote the beginning of the brand-new season of post-launch content.


Pogba joining the club is certainly a positive sign for the 75 million fans constantly visiting the stadium on a regular basis.

Pogba's Loadout

Paul Pogba Verdansk FC

Along with controlling the midfield of his new club, the 2014 World Cup winner appears to be no stranger from scoring wins throughout the city of Verdansk, keeping in tune with the current metagame that millions of players are using.


For his primary weapon, The Glitch Bruen MK9 blueprint provides the perfect balance between mobility, recoil control, and most importantly a massive magazine to reduce the need for any reloading. The secondary weapon is the Open Season Kar98k blueprint, complete with a variable zoom scope to take down targets even at the longest of distances.

Selecting the right utility is always a hot topic in Warzone and it looks like the Manchester United star has it locked down, with C4 and a heartbeat sensor to flush out any enemies hiding inside a building and to cause maximum damage.

As for perks, EOD, Overkill, and Tracker. EOD provides increased explosive resistance to any lethal equipment, Overkill gives the ability to run two primary weapons, and Tracker allows players to see the footsteps of any nearby enemies.