Call of Duty: Warzone: New Loadout Drop Exploit Turns Players Invisible

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Patch 1.29 for Modern Warfare and Warzone is live across all platforms.

While the latest patch has bought in several changes and fixes to both titles, players are continuing to counter a brand-new exploit surrounding the Loadout Drop in Warzone.

Ever since Infinity Ward changed Loadout Drops in such a way which prevents players from dying from a falling Loadout Drop, players have managed to find a way to turn invisible.


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In order to perform the bug, call in a Loadout Drop on top of your character.

If you don’t move out of the Loadout Drop once it has hit the ground, you should be completely invisible to every player in the game.

The bug enables players to walk alongside a player without them even knowing they are there.

While invisible, the player can still shoot any opposition and operate every single vehicle present in Verdansk.

Popular streamer TimTheTatMan has encountered the issue. In the clip, he can be seen following an opponent around the map before performing a devastating execution on the

new glitch😂
— timthetatman👑 (@timthetatman)
November 5, 2020


For those familiar with Warzone, the battle royale is often littered with bugs.

Along with the gift of invisibility, Loadout Drops have also been responsible for another bug.

This bug sees players unable to swap weapons, obtain loot, and has even prevented players from firing their weapon, leaving them defenceless against an oncoming target.

Developer Infinity Ward has yet to comment on the invisibility bug.

It is more than likely that it will be fixed in the next major Warzone update which is expected on December 10th.

December 10th marks the start of Season One for Black Ops Cold War and will see the entire weapon arsenal from the new game integrated into Warzone.