Call of Duty: Warzone: Players Encounter Freezing Glitch When Using A Loadout Drop

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The first season of Black Ops Cold War integration into Warzone has certainly been a rocky one.

With several bugs and glitches plaguing several Warzone matches and the somewhat questionable handling of the controversial DMR 14 nerf, players are continuing to express their frustrations surrounding the popular battle royale game.

Just when players thought the long-standing invisibility glitch and the now infamous stim glitch had been removed from the game; another infuriating bug has been found.

This time around, players have began freezing when interacting with a Loadout Drop.

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Warzone Loadout Drop Freezing Glitch

This particular glitch is another one to add to the list and is arguably one of the most annoying issues to encounter during a Warzone match.

Reddit user ‘bw112791’ experienced the glitch first hand, much to their annoyance.


This isn’t the first time that Loadout Drops have been the main cause of a bug within Warzone. Back in October 2020, players that attempted to secure their loadout were left unable to swap weapons and even shoot their weapon, leaving players unable to defend themselves if they encountered any form of opposition.

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How To Fix Loadout Freeze Bug

Reddit user '88GetBent88' may have found a solution to this particularly annoying bug.

To stop freezing when accessing the Loadout Drop, simply follow these steps.

  1. At the beginning of a match, wait for the plane to start flying over the map.
  2. Access the in-game 'Options' menu and wait for any lag to subside.
  3. Exit the options menu once it has loaded.
  4. The issue should be fixed!

Original Article - January 20th

As of writing, (January 20th) there is no workaround to avoid this particular glitch.


With the issue leaving players unable to select their loadout and with no chance of contesting a gunfight against an opponent, it is highly likely that Raven Software will be working hard to implement a fix to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again.

Until the glitch has been patched, it may be best to avoid Loadout Drops entirely to avoid freezing.

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