Is Black Ops Cold War Zombies Connected To The Warzone Storyline?

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The first cinematic trailer ahead of the release of Season Two for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has gone live.

Within the trailer, a wealth of information surrounding the new content that will be available was uncovered, including new weapons, a possible setting for a multiplayer map, new Operators, and so much more.


The two-minute trailer shows Frank Woods leading an operation to rescue Adler from the hands of Stitch, who managed to kidnap him after a fierce firefight took place at The Pines shopping mall.

As Woods and the rest of his operatives fly into the valley on April 19th, 1984, eagle-eyed players were quick to notice that the attempted rescue mission was just a couple of months prior to another significant event that took place within the region.

With the two events taking place in such a short space of time, is the Zombies storyline interlinked with Warzone?

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Is Zombies Connected To Warzone?

Warzone Zombies Crossover

The other events that took place just months after Woods was present in Laos were those that took place in Firebase Z, the second chapter of the Dark Aether storyline.

What’s also interesting is the presence of a burning helicopter located in the open area where the teleporter leads to. Were Woods, Rigas, and Wolf able to escape Laos, or were they forced to fight their way out of the crash site?


Another clue that points towards the two storylines being connected is the presence of a “Zombie machine” found inside the Verdansk hospital.

The presence of the machine suggests that some form of undead collaboration is on the horizon. With the heavily-rumoured crossover mode known as Outbreak likely to be releasing during Season Two, it’s more than likely that there is some connection between Zombies and Warzone.

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A More Obvious Crossover

When looking at the finer details of the Zombies and Warzone storylines, it becomes clear that the two are connected in some capacity, but from the outside, it can be difficult to see where the stories overlap.


The release of Outbreak across both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone will certainly cement the connection, and may even pave the way for the brand-new Warzone map that is expected to release on March 10th to mark the first anniversary of the battle royale.